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Have You Voted in the General Election Yet?

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Veterans Committee Growing its mission, message and membership

The Veterans Committee of the Oklahoma Democratic Party is working hard to elect Democrats. The Committee’s focus is on candidates who understand and support the needs of US military veterans, all service members and their families. “Our active efforts for Campaign 2020 have greatly expanded over those in previous years,” said Calvin Rees, President of

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POLLS How is Governor Stitt’s Leadership in the COVID19 Epidemic In Oklahoma?

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51 State Democratic Party Chairs Sign Letter Urging Protection of U.S. Elections from COVID-19

Today, 51 State Democratic Party Chairs from across the United States, the Territories, and Democrats Abroad released a letter urging swift action from federal and state elected officials to protect our voting infrastructure from the coronavirus. The full text of the letter and a list of signatories can be found at this link. “In the

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Calvin’s Video Post Practice

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Donate to the Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Committee

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Welcome to Calvin”s DemoOkie News

Hi Everybody

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Happy Birthday Calvin

Happy Birthday

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