Today, we’ll file our campaign’s first ethics report, and I wanted you to be among the first to hear the good news. In just two months, we raised just over $300,000 for our campaign.

Linda and I are truly gratified by the wide range of support we’ve received. We believe our strong fundraising quarter shows that people are frustrated with our state’s current leadership, and that they’re ready for a governor who will fight for them instead of the billion dollar corporations that dictate business as usual at the state capitol.

As governor, I’ll stand up for our kids, our seniors and our way of life – even if that means taking on powerful special interest lobbyists. I’m determined to make education, health care and services for seniors a priority and give our small businesses a fair shot.

Today marks the end of a terrific July, but we want to keep the momentum going. Will you please make a contribution to kick off our August campaign to help us spread the word that politics as usual will soon be coming to an end in Oklahoma?

Thank you for helping us get this far. I am honored and excited to keep fighting for our state.


to see the report click on link