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Humphreys releases statement on controversial comments

In the wake of the firestorm created by former OKC mayor, Kirk Humphreys’ controversial comments on Flash Point – a week ago – Freedom Oklahoma and the former mayor are holding a joint press conference today.

The following statement was given to Freedom Oklahoma by former OKC mayor, Kirk Humpreys:

“I have watched the show more times than I can count – and I am sorry. Some of the things I said do not reflect what I believe or the way I have tried to live. Let me be clear, I do not think that homosexuality in any way disqualifies a person from full participation as a citizen in our community – including service in public office. At no point in my public or private life have I sought to take any action that precludes or otherwise diminishes the opportunity for every person to be treated as equals.

“to be candid, I brought up Barney Frank as a partisan counterpoint in the heat of the moment. I intended to reference the scandal early in his career – and then simply couldn’t remember the details. At that point my argument went off the rails and I said some things that I deeply regret.

“Further I do not think it is right that I’ve hurt a lot of people. I know I should see to speak the truth in love. I failed to clearly convey what I believe to be true and my tone was not loving. I apologize for my failure.”

The following statement can be attributed to Freedom Oklahoma executive director, Troy Stevenson:

We greatly appreciate Mr. Humphreys’ apology; however, this is the beginning of a dialogue, not the end. While we believe his words to be sincere, it is truly not Freedom Oklahoma with which he needs to make amends. It is the LGBTQ community of Oklahoma, and most importantly, youth across the state whose lives are so adversely impacted by harassment, intimidation, and bullying when leaders of Mr. Humphreys’ caliber set such an example. To this end, we along with Regent Humphreys’ we will be hosting a community forum at OU on January 18, so that the former mayor can hear the concerns of students and the community.

“Freedom Oklahoma’s primary mission is the protection of LGBTQ youth in the state of Oklahoma; and to that end, we want to make it clear that when anyone or anything threatens the safety or security of young people – we will use every fiber of our political, social, and financial capital to come to their defense.”