Sache Primeaux-Shaw announces run for CD5 Secretary

532030_364820720301068_1818602515_nMy name is Sache Primeaux-Shaw and I am running for CD5 Secretary. With much thought and consideration, I have decided to take on this task because I feel that I can bring youth and diversity to the table. As a millennial, I’ve noticed many in my group have become apathetic to politics because they feel that their voices are not being heard. I can successfully bridge the gap between the party and young adults as well as change the face of the party. As a biracial Black and Native American woman, I have close ties to not just my own communities, but other minority groups in the state. As 5th District secretary I can accomplish these goals. I consider myself to be a lifelong Democrat, with my first campaign being that of former State Senator Angela Monson at the tender age of six. I have participated in campaigns ever since. Despite my age, I bring lots of experience to the table. I am currently a mentor and recruiter for STARR Foundation, a member of the Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Oklahoma City. a mentor and tutor at Edwards Elementary and Douglass High School and the President of the Youth and College Division of the Oklahoma NAACP State Conference. I hope that I can count on your vote! Thank you for your time!

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