Things are heating up here at the campaign headquarters. Everywhere we look we’re seeing more energy, more enthusiasm, and more excitement than ever before. This election is HUGE deal.

584CDDAF-E0C3-4832-9938-162C3A76C637 you ready to make history?

Donate $30 and let’s make history together. Kendra has a bold vision for a brighter Oklahoma, and with your help we can make it a reality!

Oklahomans have been forced to go too long without a real representative. Sure, we technically have a representative, on paper at least. But at the end of the day, we know exactly who he represents, and it sure isn’t the Oklahoma community that we know and love.

For too long Congress has been too concerned with what the donors want. What vote will bring in the next big check? What bill will make the special interests happy? What decision will make sure those out-of-state corporate PACs keep donating and keep buying my elections?

This might sound like a familiar tune? Steve Russell has perfected it.

We deserve a leader who will always vote for OUR families, OUR community, and OUR district, not another vote for the special interests that already run Washington. That leader is Kendra Horn, and with your help, we can send her to Congress.

Thanks for making this fight possible.

Team Kendra