OKLAHOMA CITY, December 29, 2020 – Monday, Oklahoma state health officials released figures showing that there are 3,400 new cases of COVID-19 and 13 new deaths. Worse, there are now over 1,900 Oklahomans hospitalized with the virus and 500 of them in ICU units.

“It is absurd that the governor of Oklahoma refuses to play an active leadership role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our state,” said Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, in a blistering attack against the state’s highest ranked Republican.

“Stitt has done less than zero to protect our citizens. Yesterday saw 13 more Oklahomans die. How many of these deaths could have been prevented if Stitt had shown leadership from the beginning?” asked Andrews.

“This is not a rhetorical question. Most counties are at Tier 3 when it comes to hospitalizations and Oklahoma County is nearing Tier 4,” she said. “Tier 4 is when hospitals are expected to be at full capacity.

“Today over 1,927 Oklahomans are in the hospital and 500 of those are in ICU care. This is shameful, horrible for Oklahoma families. Our governor is not a leader. He has proven this over and over again. Sadly, Oklahomans across our state are paying with their very lives because of his refusal to lead.

“While it is too late for those we have already lost to this horrific virus, we demand that Stitt find the courage, the human decency, and the fortitude to protect the rest of our citizens by issuing an immediate statewide mask mandate. If he fails to do so, the only leading he is doing is straight to the hospital and to the cemetery,” declared Andrews.