December 22, 2020

To the Honorable members of the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation,

As a member of the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation you have the distinct privilege and honor to count the ballots cast by the electors of the several states. It being necessary to the preservation of our republican form of government (Article, IV Section 4), and in accordance with Article II Section I of the United States Constitution, and including the standing principles of our founding documents, we request that you voice objection to, and bring arguments and evidence against the votes being cast in states where voting laws were illegally and unconstitutionally changed by executive fiat, or by judicial edict. Those states would include Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The demands on our system of government as laid out by the founding principles include the need for bold stands against the attempted overthrow of a government by illegitimate means. The voices of millions of Oklahomans, as well as millions of Americans have been canceled out by the illegal actions of these states to unconstitutionally change the outcome of an election.
We the undersigned members of the Senate, believe that you have within you the power to keep the faith of so many forgotten millions who simply wish to have their elections remain free and fair. We write this request for action not in support of a single person but an untold number of millions who desire to see our long standing tradition of freedom and power, vested in “We The People”, carried out in a single election, and that the long standing right of freedom remain intact for our children and grandchildren. Action by you is needed in this moment to come to the aid of our future posterity, so that their freedom is never quenched. The time to stand is now, not in four years. We the undersigned pledge to stand with you in this task so that you shall not be alone in this hour. We are dedicated to a mutual understanding that freedom matters not if it is not defended in full, under God, for the principle of liberty.

With Great Respect,

Senator David Bullard,
District 6

Senator Warren Hamilton Senator Casey Murdock
District 7 District 27

¬¬ Senator Darrell Weaver Senator Nathan Dahm
District 24 District 33

Senator Chuck Hall Senator Mark Allen
District 20 District 4

Senator George Burns Senator Shane Jett
District 5 District 17

Senator Micheal Bergstrom Senator James Leewright
District 1 District 12

Senator Rob Standridge Senator Blake Stephens
District 15 District 3

Senator Roland Pederson
District 19

Senator Cody Rogers, District 37